Randy GoldbergRandy Goldberg LMT provides Astrology readings in Washington DC, Arlington VA, and from anywhere via telephone and Skype.  He approaches astrology from a mythic Jungian perspective, using both Western and Indian Vedic systems. He is a former yogic monk, who studied for two years in Calcutta. He traveled around the world studying the healing arts for 10 years. Randy has done astrology readings for over 20 years.

One hour reading: $150

Healing sessions: $80

Craniosacral Massage Therapy

Family Constellation work
(Both individual and group)

Please call (202) 380-6850 to set up an appointment, by phone, skype or in person.  

Email:   randy@randygoldberg.org

1000 N. Arlington Mill Dr.,  ArlingtonVA 22205-1313

Interviews & Public Appearances

Randy has been interviewed for his Astrology work by CNN, the Washington Post and NPR! Click here for details

Listen to his on-line radio shows here

Watch his 15-minute interview about his Astrology work:


Randy reads Tarot at the Maryland Renaissance Festival



Here is an article about his Family Constellation work

Here is Randy’s 2nd interview (February 2015) in the Washington Post: